Drunk Driving

Being arrested for a DUI is a very serious matter. Below are points to be considered:

“Anything you say can be held against you.” This means whatever you say when you are pulled over, anything you say to police officers, court officials or anyone you interact with at the jail can be used in court if you go to trial. Choosing a local attorney with experience in DUIs is a recommended. Depending upon circumstances, a DUI charge could be a misdemeanor criminal charge, or in the event that someone is injured or killed, a felony DUI.

Attorneys Tanner and Janovic will review your police report, go over it with you in detail, and advise you on what the next steps will be.

Many DUI cases never make it to trial, due to the prosecutor offering a less severe sentence for a guilty plea. In other cases, the defendant accepts a deal due to overwhelming evidence. Cases that do go to trial, while costly, may prove innocence or end in a reduced charge depending on the evidence in your case. Attorneys Tanner and Janovic are experienced litigators who can help you decide whether a trial is a good option.

Having a DUI conviction on your record can have long-term consequences. Hiring Attorneys Tanner and Janovic provides you with the best legal representation for the job.