When faced with divorce, it is extremely important that your attorney is skilled in the many aspects of this issue. Our firm’s attorneys are experts in divorce, custody, and other family law matters. We have years of experience and are dedicated and knowledgeable about divorce. We commit to providing each and every client the best possible service, and we strive to ensure every client is satisfied with our representation.

Divorces may be costly, but there are ways to keep the costs down. We can provide you with your options. For instance, opting for collaboration or mediation can help avoid a lengthy court battle. With collaboration, both parties work to create a shared agreement. You may want to hire a neutral financial expert and divorce coach when using this method. With mediation, a neutral third party helps you work through issues and come to a resolution.

Preparation is also key in the divorce process. You will need financial documents including a list of all assets. You may request that we send you a financial disclosure form so that you have time to find what you need and fill out what you can previous to your initial consultation. To avoid costly subpoenas and depositions, we highly recommend full disclosure of all financial dealings and real estate holdings.

Personal property issues can cause emotions to run high. Take some time to determine what items are truly important to you. Paying legal fees to make sure you are awarded something easily replaceable is not cost-effective. This also applies to things like hotel/travel award points.

Settlement is an art form. Providing us with your knowledge of the propensity of your spouse can help create a more easily reached settlement agreement. As skilled divorce attorneys, we can push for a fair settlement the right way as opposed to having it fall apart.